Come and see the Masai Mara for yourself!  We are based next to this world famous game reserve and there will be opportunities to go on safari with Masai guides to find the ‘Big 5’ and to help our teams in the vital work of wildlife monitoring.



Your accommodation will be at the Mara Safari Banda's or House in the Wild with comfortable twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There will also be the opportunity to sleep wild in the bush for those on longer adventure packages as well as to visit other destinations and inspiring projects to discover.



Throughout all the activities available on a Wild Impact adventure there are learning opportunities.  You’ll learn about your surroundings, the country of Kenya, the Masai people, the Mara game reserve, conservation, health care, education systems, bush craft, simple mechanics, building and much much more!



Learn about the efforts of community led conservation initiatives and how livestock, if managed, can work well alongside wildlife in regenerative grazing programs.



Spend time in our local school and learn about some of the barriers faced by children—particularly girls—in accessing quality education.  Longer stays will involve spending time helping in a range of teaching activities with the children.



Witness firsthand how communities are coming together to help break the cycle of poverty.  Learn how huge challenges are overcome with an entrepreneurial spirit and take home lessons of motivation, inspiration and hope.  Above all, enjoy being a part of the Wild Impact community and make friends for life.


Improve Yourself 

Above all we want you to try new things and find new passions.  We have a commitment to the wellbeing of all our guests and have a dedicated wellbeing officer available for one to one mentoring sessions if requested during your stay.

  • Safari with a Maasai Warrior Guide: safari through the Mara and watch out for the Big 5!

  • Emarti Secondary School & Emarti Clinic Visit: visit the locals schools, and tour the Emarti Clinic, where health care is offered to Maasai, Kipsigis and Kisii communities.

  • Model Farm Visit, an initiative that provides healthy, locally grown food for your trips!

  • Making traditional Maasai weapons, alongside the warriors themselves.

  • Indigenous Tree seedling collection for the MTC Seedling nursery and tree planting morning.

  • Volunteer Project Building: depending on the community, day and time, your volunteering could range from school building, to tree planting, to restoration—all projects that will help remove the barriers to education in the community.

  • Learn about Holistic Management and how local communities are working together in livestock / wildlife conservation programs

  • Simple mechanics: understanding how to keep your vehicle moving in the bush.

  • Wildlife monitoring: help with important conservation work related to doing transects, setting camera traps monitoring wildlife from the Enonkishu Conservany hide.

  • Cattle ranching: take part in moving and building bomas, vaccinating and spraying cattle and other husbandry operations on the Mara Beef farm.

  • Leadership Module: build your leadership skills whilst working with local business owners

  • Bush craft and an overnight camp in the bush

  • A visit to the Rhino Sanctuary

  • Maasai Singing, beading, and Swahili lessons

  • Community Visits

  • Chebunyo Market Visit with the chance to buy a cow for the community breeding herd



8:00am – 9:30am

· Optional morning walk

· Breakfast


9:30am – 12:30pm

· Review schedule for the day

· Daily cultural activity:

Beading with Maasai Mamas


12:30pm – 1:30pm

· Lunch at the Cow Shed


1:30pm – 2:30pm

· Energizer / team building activity

· Depart for community and project building


2:30pm – 5:30pm

· Build site orientation and instruction of

afternoon activities

· Volunteer Project Building


5:30pm – 7:30pm

· Sundowners on the plains

· Dinner at the Cow Shed


7:30pm – 10:00pm

· Action Planning round the campfire

· Review schedule for the next day

· Choice time to relax, play cards, read or

just enjoy being in the Maasai Mara



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